// MAY•11 //

HOT, HOT, HOT! Full heat immersion fused with graceful and swift movements, hot yoga is a world of intensity, fluidity and flow. Expansive for the soul and vital for the body, a deep sweat and gentle movement engages and bonds the mental with the physical in a moving meditation of full body expression.

And in order to indulge in all the benefits hot yoga has to offer, we must take the steps to protect and nourish hair through these high temperatures. In high heat, the hair cuticles naturally expand, opening and exposing hair to potential damage that can cause it to appear limp and lackluster.

The MAY•11 Workout Treatment takes advantage of this hot environment to infuse and protect your hair with deep nourishment so you may flow with abandon. Before you step into your next class, massage a double dose of May•11 Hair Oil through the roots and lengths of your hair to nurture each strand with the highest level of vital nutrition and protection. Once you add heat to the mix, your hair is encouraged and able to receive deeper nourishment, straight to the core. Jamaican Black Castor Oil protects hair from the damaging acidic pH of sweat, creating a sealed environment of pure and potent nutrition. Prepared and centered, you and your hair are able to thrive. Upon entering the studio, temperatures rising, the delicate scent of May 11 will emanate and envelop your senses.

As you transition through your flow, catching a whiff of energizing Bergamot and calming Sandalwood, find a place of sweet serenity. This is your moment. A moment to nourish your mind, body and hair.

A moment between you and MAY•11.