Regular use of MAY•11 restores and protects your hair, builds a strong foundation for elemental factors and chemical treatments, and emphasizes the beauty of your hair’s unique texture and quality.

To maximize and ensure the highest dose of potency, we created specific treatments that can be easily integrated into your beauty routine and lifestyle, without sacrificing any extra time in your day-to-day life.


To receive the maximum benefits of our bespoke May•11 treatments, apply the oil with thoughtful intention.

// Rub the oil between your palms, place your hands into your roots and massage in a circular motion. Bring the oil through the lengths of your hair and press consistently until you feel there is no remaining oil on your palms.


Our after shampoo treatment promotes and reinforces strength, luster and overall softness to your hair to support any hairstyle you choose. This treatment also protects hair from the damaging effects of high heat styling tools.

// On damp hair, apply (see HOW TO APPLY MAY•11 ) the recommended optimal dosage for your hair type. Leave on and style as desired.

Optimal Dosage:

FINE HAIR // 1 pump

MEDIUM HAIR // 2 pumps

THICK HAIR // 3 pumps

For hair lengths that fall below the shoulder, increase your optimal dosage by 1 to 3 pumps depending on the thickness of your hair.

For a daily pick-me-up or to quickly restore dry ends, apply 1 pump of MAY•11 oil, through the ends of your hair. Press and massage until the product is well absorbed.


Designed to actively protect your hair’s luster and vitality, the May•11 Workout Treatment minimizes the acidic effects of sweat, heat and extreme outdoor conditions. Incorporating May•11 into your exercise routine is simple and quick. The oil will create a protective seal around each strand, intensely hydrating your hair and helping to tame any frizz while you work out.

// Before working out on dry hair, apply (see HOW TO APPLY4 to 6 pumps of MAY•11 to your hair depending on your length and hair thickness. It should be enough oil to coat your hair from root to tip. After finishing your workout, simply wash your hair as usual to remove any excess oil.


Our overnight treatment was created to deeply restore your hair by infusing each strand with vital hair nutrition, while you sleep. To receive the most potent effects of the overnight treatment, the oil should coat all of your hair and be left in for a minimum of 6 hours. We recommended doing the treatment once or twice a week.

// On dry hair, rub 4 pumps of MAY•11 oil,  between your palms and massage into your roots in a circular motion. For lengths below the shoulder add an additional 4 pumps of oil and consistently press & massage into strands to promote absorption. Comb through your hair to ensure the oil is evenly distributed. For long hair, secure in a loose bun. Leave on overnight and wash out with a gentle shampoo in the morning to remove any excess oil.