Hair color consultant Rachel Bodt is a unique talent who applies knowledge of color culture and psychology to envision and create color palettes whose hues cater to an individual’s personality, resulting in a signature one of a kind formula for each of her clients.

We wanted to learn more about Rachel’s incredible journey, her innovative coloring techniques that give her an advantage over peers and how her methods help to maintain strong healthy hair in between color treatments.

• As a hair colorist– hair serves as your canvas, I can imagine you view each client’s hair as achance to paint and create a dye that inspires you. Can you elaborate on your creative process?

Rachel: I get so inspired by the woman and who she is. I really try to look at her and her skin, her style and who she is. I’m very inspired by older references looking back at the decades and seeing the origin – tuning into what the inspiration was. I am in love with Brigitte Bardot and am so into the 90’s iconic supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista. They all really used hair color to express their vibe.

• Hair color has such an impact on an individual’s sense of self, their daily lives, how they put themselves out into the world, if someone is hesitant to change their color – how do you make them feel confident and willing to make a change?

Rachel: It’s all about the visuals and references I use as a tool to help my clients understand how subtle or drastic hair can be -showing and telling them how this color is really being created specifically for them and that this hair color is really to make them feel beautiful.

• For women on a budget and for those who can afford to splurge what are the best products to maintain your color treatments while keeping the hair looking healthy and vibrant?

Rachel: You don’t have to have tons of color or overly saturated hair color to enjoy it, maybe start by painting some soft pieces on your ends just to add dimension, interest and sparkle. Hair color that puddles to the ends of the hair will always be timeless because it’s naturally what happens. Think surfers or children there is always some natural depth at the root.

• MAY•11’s properties are known to revitalize hair, keeping it strong, lustrous and vibrant. You see a lot of damaged hair how do you utilize the product to further repair over worked dyed hair?

Rachel: I tell my clients to sleep in and teach them how to shampoo their hair (less and less)and allow their natural oils to start coming back, I had to train my hair as well I shampoo twice a week and apply May •11 on my mid-shaft to ends to make it feel strong and sexy. It’s so important for us to educate our clients on how to keep their hair looking healthy and full of life. I truly recommend training your hair to not be shampooed as much, and using May11. The reparative benefits in MAY•11 allow you to have the hair you never thought you could. It moisturizes the hair and brings curls back to life.

Rachel is sought after for her innovative chemical techniques, exceptional knowledge of color theory and global education – where she traveled internationally expanding on cultural boundaries and color perceptions. These experiences along with her inner sense of spontaneity provided her the ability to create life-changing transformations on her clients – exalting her meticulous skills as a master colorist.

• You take a lot of your inspiration from elements in nature – rays of sunshine, cracks in salt flats, the color of wild mushrooms, root vegetables – things from the earth, can you elaborate on this influential color spectrum and how you use it in your work?

Rachel: Because I really love wearable striking hair color there’s no better place than nature or natural materials to pull from. When I think of references in nature I tend to think of how it will look on the skin as well like cosmetic colors and how that could translate to hair color.

Rachel has been collaborating with fashion’s most prominent hairstylists such as Didier Malige, James Pecis and Holli Smith, her subtle yet eye-catching work can be seen in magazines Vogue, W, Harper’s Bazaar and Allure. Working closely with Balenciaga’s creative team, she leads the color direction for each season’s runway show playing a vital role in shaping and maintaining the integrity of the brand’s image and look. Rachel has also created memorable hair transformations for Saint Laurent, NARS Cosmetics, Sonia Rykiel and Versace advertising campaigns.

• Your relationship with influential hairstylists have brought some incredible opportunities for you to exhibit your talent as a colorist. How have these experiences inspired your work/ challenged you?

Rachel: Having the opportunities to work with them has totally changed how I look at hair- knowing the references and working with another creative person to understand the vision, it also has helped me to dig and push my work, going places with my work that normally I may not have thought of or gone to.

• In a recent interview you are quoted saying “I love hair color that is wearable, lived in and sexy” can you elaborate a bit on this philosophy and your views on beauty in general?

Rachel: I love color that makes the woman feel empowered and polished
something that makes them walk a little taller and stronger. Three colors that are strong that I’m so inspired by are:
Light Gold – it takes a strong woman to wear gold – it’s vibrant and impactful
Bone Blonde – a color that is creamy and complimentary to the skin tone
Amber Brunettes – very dimensional brunette with amber tones

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– Interview by Lisa Weatherby