We recently posted on our Instagram @may11hairoil, about messy hairstyles evoking Kristen Stewart’s laidback rock-chic look and got some incredible, positive feedback. We can see that the curiosity to try this different hairstyle is growing.

I’ve been seeing this oily, textured look more often and it seems more people are ready to embrace the messy hair vibe.
Because let’s be real‘What Would Kate Moss Do?’ (W.W.K.M.D.?) is the real question we should be asking ourselves. And guess what? She’s already done it.

Maybe you’re reading this while indulging yourself to a delicious MAY•11 Hair Oil treatment… Either way, summertime is the perfect season to start experimenting with new hairstyles; and the textured, messy look is clearly IN.

We can all achieve this effortless, cool-girl vibe while still keeping our hair healthy and nourished by incorporating some MAY•11 oil into our regular routines.

Personally, I don’t own a blow-dryer – okay, settle down… I can still manage! I prefer to let my hair air-dry for a more natural wave, and a few pumps of MAY•11 Hair Oil massaged in a scrunching-up motion while flipping my hair over side parts gives me this messy-hair, fresh out of the shower look while still having volume at the roots and without looking greasy.

For those who prefer blow-drying, just blow dry your hair 80% dry and massage some oil in while it’s still a bit damp.
What I love about MAY•11 Hair oil is that you can really shape your hair to how you want it to look, and it’s the best feeling to know I didn’t need to use hairspray or mousse to do that. 

If you’re going for this look on a day when you haven’t freshly shampooed your hair, you can still make it work by using a bit of dry shampoo (either loose powder or in an aerosol can works) at your roots. This will prevent your hair from looking flat on top which could make it seem dirty or greasy.

I hope this helps you experiment with MAY•11 hair oil and with some new vibes for summer. 

Until next time, sending you love, light, and especially gorgeous hair!

~ Rachel Z.