Summer is definitely upon us and I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to stay in A/C as much as possible!

However, working on my tan is a priority so I’ve been sneaking off to the beach any chance I get! Don’t worry, I’m using SPF and the May•11 Beach Treatment to keep my hair hydrated and protected from sun damage. Read more >>

Just like the skin can become damaged and age faster from unprotected sun exposure, so can your hair. Unfortunately not too many people are aware of the extent of damage the sun causes. If you ask the average person, they might say they use a heat protectant before blow-drying or using other styling tools but rarely will you hear someone say they use sun protection for their hair. Not only do UVA and UVB rays oxidate the hair, causing faded color and dullness but the heat also causes dryness and changes the texture. Overtime this dehydration translates to long-term premature aging.

Think about when you were a teenager and your hair was strong, dense and shiny! I remember having to use special, thick hair bands to tie my ponytails. As we age we lose hair density and our hair starts to thin out- some more than others, but just like we can slow aging of the skin by keeping it moisturized, protected, and treating it- we can do the same for our hair. The May•11 formula contains hemp seed oil- a natural SPF and Jamaican black castor oil- which seals the moisture in your hair and keeps it from drying, becoming brittle and ultimately breaking. Together these two are a powerhouse at shielding your strands from sun and heat damage during these summer months.

Stay cool and keep your locks healthy!

Until next time – sending you love, light and gorgeous hair!

-Rachel Z