Most of us have a favorite routine to get ready for a first date. We go with what works: the lipstick or perfume that makes us feel confident, the dazzling dress that always gets compliments. We know the questions to ask and the stories to share. We’re ready to have a good time!

Our first night treatment is a simple, self-care routine. We’re going back to basics.

We begin with a body dry-brushing session. Dry-brushing is a great way to exfoliate, promote better circulation and get that glow we all want. All you need is a good, sturdy dry-brush with a comfortable handle, like the one pictured below. Begin at your feet and start brushing upwards with short and steady strokes. Your skin might flush, feel hot or turn red, but it shouldn’t hurt. Once you get to your stomach, use counter-clockwise moves and brush towards the heart, which helps to detox. I’ve got this step down and it takes maybe 2 minutes to complete before you can jump in the shower or a relaxing bath.

Our recommendation:

After the shower, you’ll want to use a nice, scented cream for your feet—a delicate, replenishing fragrance. Dry skin can be a problem, especially during the summer when we wear sandals and walk more. Applying a thick moisturizer and using socks until it’s fully absorbed makes all the difference. Compliments from my pedicurist that I have “good, soft feet” ensures that I do this every time. It’s so simple and takes 20 seconds for great results.

Our recommendation:


Finally, the main event—our overnight treatment. What could be simpler and more rewarding than massaging some soothing oil into your hair and going to bed? We recommend using 5 or so pumps and adjusting according to your hair type and length. Once you evenly massage the oil into your hair—making sure it’s saturated from roots to ends—tie your hair in a braid or bun using an anti-breakage hair band like the one below. And now you’re ready for sleep. In the morning, have breakfast in bed and then wash the oil out using your own shampoo. Enjoy the results of this simple treatment for hair that will be soft and nourished the entire week.

I’m looking forward to our second date next Monday 😉

~Sending you love, light and gorgeous hair~

~ Rachel Z.