So we made it to the second date!
Looking at my wardrobe, I hear that voice: “I have nothing to wear.” Not exactly true, but I want to switch things up!I recently discovered Rent The Runway and I’m excited to wear a new outfit for an event or party without having to buy the piece. 

The dress I picked helped me to upgrade my natural hair and bare skin. I go with vampy hair and glowing make-up and now I’m feeling done and looking fresh.

It’s a cruel summer, so going out to get my hair and nails done means braving heat and humidity. Ugh.

Luckily, Glamsquad comes to me! Call it beauty on-demand. You book your own vanity team of professionals—hair stylist, nail expert or makeup artist—to visit your home or office at your convenience.I make an appointment. They’ll be here soon—all I do is wait. That gives me time to relax and have a glass of wine.

After being pampered and blow-dried, my hair looks fantastic. But it needs something. I add my own touch—a little texture. Working in 1 to 2 pumps of May 11 hair oil, I run my fingers through my hair. Now, it’s perfect, with that tousled, lived-in feel that I love.

I’m ready. I look great for my second date.

I’m looking forward to our third date next Monday 😉

~ Sending you love, light and gorgeous hair~

Rachel Z