Running is much more than good cardio. It’s a great way to break the ice with someone, and can also make for a unique, awesome date. Plus, a robust jog releases endorphins that lower anxiety, letting you be your most charming self in conversation. Oh, and getting your blood pump-pump-pumping gives you a flushed, sexy look.

But of course, there’s the sun and sweat. 🙁

Whether you’re pounding the pavement with a date or a running buddy, here are some products and tips to protect and beautify your hair and skin.

Summer is winding down, but sunscreen is still a must! This smooth, matte, paraben-free offering from Ogabiwill keep your face protected and shine-free. Wear it alone to achieve a natural-looking glow, or add some light makeup to put your best face forward.

Are you the type who won’t work out without a little mascara? If so, we recommend a natural look that defines your eyes without making you appear too “done.” Hello Lashes 5-in-1 Mascara gives a beautiful finish and is enriched with biotin, collagen, jojoba and other amino acids. The result? You get a glam look while also promoting growth. Hey, be good to your lashes, and they’ll be good to you. 😉

Running exposes your tresses to a punishing environment—sun and sweat conspire to cause frizzy, dry hair. Wouldn’t you prefer a sexy, semi-wet look that protects you from harsh rays and acidic perspiration? Simply apply a few pumps of May 11 Hair Oil before your workout. You’ll shield and nourish your locks, and also get the texture that lets you secure your ponytail, bun or braids with less tension. Less tension means less breakage and healthier, sexier hair.

OK, gotta run-and so do you! Don’t forget to stretch first, both your date/buddy. So get out there.
Until next time!
Wishing you love, light and gorgeous hair~
Rachel Z