A journey into transcendent hair, with gemstones and light with Jehnna Mahoney

As an expert hairstylist and colorist living in New York City, I’m constantly moved by everyday life. The way sunlight filters through my bedroom window in the morning, the crystals and gemstones I use for meditation and as energy healers, walking through the streets, the way light shines through the trees and rebounds off the buildings at dusk. Not to mention all the beautiful, creative people I meet on-set for fashion shoots, the colors and fabric from the clothing and accessories, and everyone’s unique style. It all inspires what I create for my color clients at Hairstory Studio, located at 95 5th Avenue, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10022.

For me, color is all about the gloss! Not only does a gloss enhance and add tone—it’s color that also serves as a conditioning treatment. I create a customized formula to match a client’s personality. To start, I analyze their hair type and structure, assess their skin tone and observe how they dress. Next, the creative process begins. The fun part about a gloss? You can play and improvise as your mood changes. It gives hair—the accessory you never take off—versatility!

Summer highlights still linger, but with autumn here, we want to add polish and tone. My sun-kissed blonde clients returning from their beach holidays sport washed-out hair that lacks color dimension.

To emphasize depth and richness of color, I’m using a beige gloss, with tones ranging from warm to cool. This universe has been inspired by my collection of natural crystals, especially the creamy neutral Moonstone tones and the subtlety of a dusty pink pair of intimates I wear from The Great Eros designed by Christina Viviani.

For brunettes, I envision a journey to the cooler side with hints of olive and navy tones. By cooling off the warmth from their summer highlights, I bring out smoky quartz, the cool golden/olive tones of jade stones, and the slightly navy hues of Lapis Lazuli.

This is how people recognize my signature creations—a layer of vibrant colors transcending through the lightness of transparency.

Join me as we step together into autumn and welcome a fresh new look for you.

Jehnna Mahoney
Instagram: @jehnnamahoney
For booking appointments: Jehnna.mahoney@may11hairoil.com