Because of its delicate structure, fine hair can often lose strength and appear to be flat and hair. But fine hair can be “GREAT HAIR”, it just needs more attention in care and how often it needs to be treated in order to keep its strength.

How to shampoo fine hair correctly?

•Using a soft brush, gently detangle your lengths and lift the natural oils from your scalp, prior to any shampooing

Our favorite detangling brush is: Beurer

•Wet your hair thoroughly

•Apply a gentle shampoo and massage into your scalp for 3 minutes. It’s important to spend extra time on the scalp, where most oils accumulate.

•Rinse hair carefully. Make sure your scalp and strands are shampoo-free, apply a lightweight detangling conditioner only on your lengths if needed.

How to dry your fine hair for its best texture?

•After cleansing, tilt your head forward and wrap your wet hair in a microfiber towel, gently pressing until it is 50% dry. What a difference! Your hair will dry feeling softer and lifted with its own natural volume, without using any friction – which can cause damage and frizz.

•Use a thickening spray on your lengths to create more definition and hold.

With these simple steps you will have prepared your hair to the ideal condition to proceed with your favorite hairstyle.

How and when to replenish your fine hair?

•As a treatment to Protect, Reinforce, and Advance hair luster, we recommend the MAY•11 Overnight Treatment for your fine hair (leave overnight and wash out in the morning) in order to have all the vital nutrients which will improve the strength and health of your hair, without feeling greasy or stringy.

~Until next time, sending you love and light and gorgeous hair~

Rachel Z

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